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Danone - In Soviet Georgia

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The History titled In Soviet Georgia for Danone It was released in the January 1973.

The campaign was penned by the Marsteller advertising agency at the urging of the CEO of Danone's U.S. division at the time, Juan Metzger; he wished to market Dannon yogurt in a more health-conscious direction.

Marketing analysts for The Wise Marketer noted that after the In Soviet Georgia ads, the Dannon company reversed a loss trend and started making profits in 1975. The spots helped push up yogurt consumption more than 120 percent, which would not end until the fiscal year 1990

Advertising periodicals such as Advertising Age, The Chief Executive, and The Wise Marketer cited the commercials as a good example of business strategy. In the case of Advertising Age, they ranked In Soviet Georgia in the Top 50 of the best TV commercials of all time and #89 on the list of the 100 Greatest Advertising Campaigns.

Brand: Danone
Released: January 1973
Category: History


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